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The time has come to strongly consider putting your property up for sale. What are the steps you need to take to ensure a smooth transaction process? We'll help guide you through the selling process. Allow us to find reliable buyers with a good credit score, and negotiate a price that meets your financial interests while ensuring a fast and efficient transaction.


Perhaps you have been wanting to sell your home, but have been overwhelmed at the thought of getting it ready to list!

We've partnered with TidySmart Organizing Solutions to provide you with

6 hours of professional organizing as a part of our listing services to you.


This includes organizing and/or light staging, packing and unpacking to help simplify the listing and moving process.

A huge value add!

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  • Helping sellers get their homes ready to list by decluttering, prepping for their move with helping them narrow down what they want to take to their new home, assist in the packing/unpacking process, as well as help them organize once they move into their new home.  

  • Consultation with your client on what they should do to prep for the listing in regards to tidying up, organizing and staging.  A detailed list of what needs to be done to prepare for listing will be provided to you and your client. 

  • On site "Pre-Photo Cleanup", making the home look extra tidy and more attractive for listing photos. 

  • An added value of our services is that we help clients sell items they no longer wish to have, putting money back in the client's pocket.  This also saves them money in moving expenses since they don't have to pay for packing/moving items they no longer wish to keep.  For clients that are just looking to sell items, hich includes taking photos and measurements of all their items they wish to sell.  Then we create postings and communicate purchases with buyers.  If they have antiques or collectibles they would like to sell, the commission rate is 40% for those items, 30% commission for all other items.

  • We also hang curtains, pictures, as well well design and install closet systems.

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